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Private Reserve- KoKo & Palenki goes private with incredible wedges

Posted on January 29 2016

Koko & Palenki has always been a name synonymous with good taste.  Now you can have the KoKo & Palenki name right at your feet.   Visit KoKo & Palenki to view the newest collection of Private label footwear from sandals, high heels and wedges.  Doing private label has helped the brand as well as fill the void that we were not able to fill with our current designers, said fashion buyer Pamela Garcia.  Private label enables us to design and manufacturer what our customer needs not just what other designers think we need in our stores.  This is especially true during the summer months when the fashion world calls this time "pre-fall".  Yes, it is technically pre-fall up north but not here in Florida.  We experience weather in the 90 degree temperatures and it doesn't feel like pre-fall.  It is true summer for us.  We are boating, at the beach enjoying our time outside. We want open toe shoes and wedges!  See KoKo & Palenki's wedge collection on line or in the stores.




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