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The Reality show shoe-Introducing Kendall + Kylie

Posted on September 04 2015

Initially I am not sure how I felt about a shoe line from the two famous sisters.  Would our clientele like it or not?  No matter how you feel about the Kardashians, the two sisters have their own individual styles and their own agenda.  From an early age they have been exposed to the best designers by seeing their older sisters in their outfits.  I feel that they developed through them their own individual style.  "Just being able to experience the different styles that we have worn has taught us what we like and didn't like".  "We all have similar styles but different tastes".  I have to say seeing the shoe line for the first time really impressed me.  They were well made and had great style.  KoKo & Palenki is always looking to bring to our customer something new and interesting and I feel that these shoes checked all those boxes.  The pumps had really good lines and all the shoes were on trend.  I would not hesitate to wear any of the shoes that I saw so that says alot.  As buyers we always need to know who our customer is and she definately knows Kendall + Kyle are.
<img src="" alt="kendall and kylie shoes Koko & Palenki" />
<img src="" alt="kendall and kylie Koko & Palenki" />


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