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7 Easy Steps to Looking More Photogenic

Posted on July 20 2015


Even if you love the way you look in person, it takes practice to make sure your in-the-flesh beauty translates on camera. The good news? Being photogenic is a skill you can totally master. Scroll down to get ready for your close-up.  1. Show the left side of your faceMost people know their “good side,” but according to fashion photographer Garance Doré and a scientific study, usually the left side of the face is more attractive. 2. Never stand closest to the camera in a group shot. This seems pretty obvious, but in case you didn't know, you should never stand closest to the camera, or you’ll look disproportionately larger. Instead, position yourself on an even plane with the other people in the photo. 3. Take full length photos from a lower angle. According to fashion blogger Chriselle Lim, a lower angle visually stretches your figure, making you look taller and leaner. Who doesn't want that?! 4. Tily your face slightly.  5. Take seated photos from a higher angle. When seated, ask the photographer to take the picture from above, and tilt your face up to meet the camera, which will help define your jaw. According to Garance Doré, “a shot from above is a godsend!” 6. Crop the photo so your body fills in the entire frame. If you’re the one posting the photo, crop it so your entire body fills the frame. This will create the illusion of vertical length. 7. Say "money" instead of cheese. The hard e sound at the end of “money” makes the corners of your mouth go up and makes your eyes crinkle, creating the affectation of a genuine smile. What's your tip for looking good in photos? Let us know in the comments below!


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