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Foot Jewelry

Posted on July 14 2015


CONGRATS! You're getting married. How exciting! The big day is during the summer and you're having the wedding on the beach.  Let me ask you: what shoes are you wearing? Keep in mind you're walking on sand. How many times have you tried to go for a casual stroll on the beach only to discover you cannot walk in the sand in your four-inch sandals? A few? A million? Well, thankfully, we've got what you need. Forget going barefoot and walk down the sandy aisle in shoes jewelry fit for the occasion. Make 'em stare at your fancy footwork and obsess over your jeweled feet. Jewelry for the feet isn't for everyone, but for the bride-to-be, it's a definite show stopper. Shop our selection of Mystique Sandals at   2 calling all the summer brides


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