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Functional Fashion: Rebecca Minkoff x Case-Mate

Posted on July 08 2015


If you’ve ever spent one night secretly trying to check your text messages during a dinner date or hunting for a place to charge your dying cell phone, you know there’s a need for tech accessories that are as fashionable as they are functional. No need to fret though -- Rebecca Minkoff's cool-girl style is headed for your gadgets! RM has teamed up with Case-Mate to create a collection of wearable tech accessories that you’ll actually want to wear. Functional Fashion, Rebecca Minkoff Tech Jewelry

"Our girl wants to wear bracelets and jewelry and she has this relationship with technology, but for us, we’re adding function into very fashionable items she would choose to buy, whether they were tech-enabled or not," CEO Uri Minkoff told Women’s Wear Daily. He described a scenario in which a woman out to dinner may want to set aside the distraction of her smartphone, but still receive alerts regarding messages from specific family members, friends, or colleagues. "It’s a dual-purpose thing."
Functional Fashion, Rebecca Minkoff Tech JewelryFunctional Fashion, Rebecca Minkoff Tech Jewelry Seen above are two pieces: a gold chain-link notification bracelet and a studded lightning cable bracelet for iPhone 5, 5S, and 5C, 6, and 6 plus. The notification bracelet works a lot like the smart jewelry Ringly. It will pair to smartphones via Bluetooth and buzz you when you get calls or texts from the VIPs in your life. The cable bracelet, on the other hand, will make sure that whenever your battery is low, you'll always have an iPhone-compatible USB on hand to charge your device. Together, the two bracelets make a winning pair. The key is that neither piece actually looks like wearable tech. Now that's what I like to call functional fashion. Get your hands on these two must-have accessories. Shop 


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