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Step It Up a Notch With Shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti and Pedro Garcia

Posted on June 24 2015


Architecture and fashion have a lot in common. Both fashion designer and architect use geometry to generate forms, create structures, design lines and shapes. As Coco Chanel said: “Fashion is architecture. It is a matter of proportion.” With fashion retailers continuously releasing new and improved shoes on the market, designers are left with the task to create designs that will visually impress buyers. That's why these shoes have all been outfitted with sleek geometric shapes and three-dimensional structures to make them look as if they're ready for any haute runway show. Because of the architecturally-curved frameworks, and meticulous attention to detail, these shoes will definitely add a unique and eccentric touch to your fashion wardrobe. Below, explore shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti and Pedro Garcia.

Shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti

Designer Giuseppe Zanotti, whose collection of breathtakingly beautiful shoes also exhibits quality craftsmanship, is known to play with the idea of architecture. Below, Zanotti showcases sky-high stiletto heels, floral cutouts on a modern mule, and even a metallic gold ankle strap sandal. Architecture-inspired shoes, kokopalenki.comArchitecture-inspired shoes, architecture-inspired shoes, kokopalenki.comarchitecture-inspired shoes,

Shoes by Pedro Garcia

Spanish designer Pedro Garcia creates modern collections different than the original 1925 designs his family created, yet, what remains the same is a dedication to quality and craftsmanship.  Below you'll see the mule bound in silky smooth satin and daintily accented with micro Swarovski crystal pavé, bringing tasteful refinement to the limelight. The other, below, features a metal heel with spherical studs.  Pedro Garcia takes on the chic trend with designs fit for the modern day mademoiselle. What can I say, these innovative shoes range from practical and wearable to sculptural art objects. architecture-inspired shoes, kokopalenki.comarchitecture-inspired shoes


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