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Ways to Go Green for the Fast-Life Fashionista | Earth Day Tips

Posted on April 20 2015

So you’ve finally taken all those hybrid car commercials and the “bring your own tote bag” remarks to heart – you're jumping on the ‘green’ bandwagon. Not quite sure where to start? Keep reading... Earth Day is an international holiday created to celebrate clean air, land and water. It's also a reminder that we are never doing enough to give back to our planet. The real question is: is one day really enough to honor the environment? I think not! Cute clothing (like these Teeki hot pants) and awesome accessories (like this vegan nail polish from LVX) will help you celebrate well after Earth Day has passed. The best part? These items are all associated with eco-friendly causes. LVX Nail Polish Koko & Even simple things can make a difference towards reducing your carbon footprint and living a sustainable lifestyle. So before you invest in a Tesla, consider the following baby steps. Invest in your own cup of coffee. If you start every morning with a Styrofoam cup, the waste is piling up. Invest in a reusable cup, which not only cuts down on waste, but keeps your beverage hot for a much longer time. Most coffee shops will happily fill your own cup, and many even offer you a discount in exchange! Brighten up your desk (or table) with a beautiful bouquet. Flower shops have an abundance of fresh, colorful buds to choose from. If you're hesitant on using your hard-earned cash for plants, forage your neighborhood for wild flowers, which is free. Koko & Palenki, Foraged Flowers, Earth Day Buy reusable instead of disposable. Small changes like bringing your own silverware to lunch instead of using disposable items, to buying a refillable water bottle can make a big difference. Did you know? Americans discard about 33.6 million tons of plastic each year, but only 6.5 percent of it is recycled. The rest ends up in landfills where it may take up to 1,000 years to decompose, and potentially leak pollutants into the soil and water. Not cute (or good) for the environment. Recycle unwanted wire hangers. Wire hangers are generally made of steel, which is often not accepted by some recycling programs. So what do you do with them? Most dry cleaners will accept them back to reuse or recycle. Or, you can check out this page for DIY (do it yourself) crafts! Earth Day Tips, Koko & Palenki Hang Dry. Get a clothesline or rack to dry your clothes by the air. Your wardrobe will maintain color and fit, and you'll save money. Your favorite t-shirt will last longer, too. Give it away. Before you throw something away, think about if someone else might need it. Either donate to a charitable organization or post it on a website designed to connect people and things, such as Shower with your partner. Sneak in a shower with your loved one to start the day with some zest. Not only have you made a wise choice for the environment, but you may notice some other Together, we can all do our part to make this earth a better place for future generations. We hope this blog gives you the tools you need to celebrate Earth Day the eco-friendly/fashionable way. Like this post? Be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and follow us on Instagram for more ideas/tips like these. xo, Koko Girl


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