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Posted on February 25 2015


Evolve, such a great word. It's positive and at the same time shows action. It's about changing and growing. This is what we have done as a company. This is why we chose the word "Evolve." Twenty years ago we were all about shoes, but we wanted to be so much more to our customer. Eventually, we "evolved" into a clothing and shoe store. Our Koko girl was coming to us to find her favorite contemporary shoes, but I wanted to see more of her and be part of so much more in their lives. I wanted to see her for her graduation, for her friends wedding, for her engagement and all vacations in between. And now, many years later, here we are. Whalaaa! Now with 3 successful boutiques and a website. Each now houses an array of clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories from contemporary brands and well known designers around the world. We also have our very own Koko private label, Pamelina clothing line and now.. a fashion blog! My first blog assignment was to write about the Fall 2015 footwear trends. It's that time of year and I am on my way back from one of the biggest shoe shows in the country called Platform, in Las Vegas. This show is one of the vital components that provides us the avenue to shop one of favorite things, shoes! Since adding clothing to our company, it has been interesting to see how intertwined it is with shoes, but also how one category may be ahead of the other as far as trends go, while the other is still catching up. Platform, Vegas, Magic 2015, It's shoe time! I am sure you are wondering what's hot for fall in footwear. Let me start out with a favorite of mine, fringe. IMG_4217 (1) Fringe is such a great accent to shoes. I love how sexy the strands of fringe move and look as you walk. A favorite fringe accent of mine is on an ankle bootie, but it can also spice up a sandal, heel or in this case, a tote! IMG_4242 Another big trend at this show was activewear. With the active trend comes the sneaker trend. Get ready to start seeing a lot of different variations of sneakers. Some with pointy toes, some with round toes, but all very interesting. Pair them with your skinny jeans or leggings and you will be right on the activewear trend. IMG_4242 Wood bottoms are making a comeback, so all you hippie chicks out there rejoice! Excited to see see how these heavy wood bottoms will affect denim when I am in New York City for another buying event, Coterie. Will we see wide leg jeans back or a lot of cropped denim? I have always found clogs to be very flattering and comfortable. IMG_4218 Now moving on to a Miami classic, espadrilles. They have always been the shoe of summer, but now their popularity has grown even more. You will now see these comfy flats going into the fall. They are a great shoe to own, because not only are they stylish, but they are a hybrid of the sneaker trend. I see them lasting at least through pre-fall, especially the ones with the leather uppers. Last, I wanted to touch on the colors trending for fall, which are grey and a rich Marsala wine hue, which is said to be the Pantone color of the year. I am in love with this color! Funny enough, I just found out that my Chinese New Year sign is the year of the ram and my lucky color is red, so no wonder I am so attracted to red shoes at the moment! Who knew!?


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